[antlr-interest] XML parsing - dtd import

mikri_kala remi.schnekenburger at cea.fr
Fri Dec 19 01:39:27 PST 2003

Hi All,  
I have to parse XML files. the abstract syntax of these files is  
described with a DTD. So I had a simple question. Does a tool exist 
to generate a grammar file for antlr (to generate a token parser,  
building an AST) from a DTD. It would be a (working if possible)  
tool that would have a dtd file in entry and would generate a .g  
file, that would allow the generation of a token parser. 
A tool called SmartTools is developped at the inria in france  
(http://www-sop.inria.fr/oasis/SmartTools/st4up/) But this is not  
working yet (it is still a development for a few days/month/year  
(choose the right word)). Does another similar tool exists?  
I have to develop a grammar now, but I would not like to change it  
each time the dtd of my xml files change.  
I am not sure that antlr is the right tool for what I am doing, I 
hope it is. I could use XSLT to do the job, but I would prefer not 
use this kind of item... 


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