[antlr-interest] Re: ANTLR cpp-generated example crashes on Cygwin (Solved)

Dario Gonzalez darioglzl at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 07:46:11 PST 2003

--- In antlr-interest at yahoogroups.com, Ric Klaren <klaren at c...> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, Dec 20, 2003 at 11:17:18PM -0000, Dario Gonzalez wrote:
> > - The compiled antl.Tool class crashes when is called with no
> > arguments (I don't know if this issue is present in stable versions):
> > ....
> > I'm not a java expert, so I don't know how to get the stack-trace
> > (BTW, I won't send hate-mail to Mr. Parr ;) ), but it seems that the
> > issue is very reproducible and obvious.
> Also on solaris I've seen problems with a gcj compiled one. So far I've
> only been able to make a stable binary on Redhat 9. No clue what the
> of it is. I guess we'll give the gcj build experimental status ;)

OK, there's a little confusion with the term I used to refer the
java-generated class (I didn't mean binary-compiled... sorry). This
crash isn't related with gcj, and again, I'm not sure if this is only
present in the 2.7.3 test-version or is just because I did something
wrong in my environment configuration or build process (which was
adapted from the cygwin-working recipe).

> > - The link to the latest Klaren's snapshot is broken. Due a typo (I
> > assume) it actually links to the previous one. Here is the correct one
> > (guessed from the name):
> > http://wwwhome.cs.utwente.nl/~klaren/antlr/antlr-20031211.tar.gz
> > There is no problem generating the static library with this version in
> > MSVC 6.0/SP5
> Sorry about that :( I must have forgotten to update the link itself.
> it just now. Glad to hear that MSVC6 static build works now. DLL I
> try on MSVC6 (but i'm told it can be done with STLport and some hacking)
> Did this last snapshot work well with cygwin/mingw ?

So far, the snapshot was built under cygwin/mingw/j2sdk1.4.2_03 (with
a little variation from the cygwin-work-recipe), and it successfully
generated a the calc-cpp example, which I only successfully checked in
MSVC (and then, I went to sleep :)  ). As I said before, this
antl.Tool only crashes if it is called with no *.g as argument.


> Cheers,
> Ric
> -- 
>     ---- Ric Klaren ----- j.klaren at u... ----- +31 53 4893722  ----
>   Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.
>                  (Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound.)


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