[antlr-interest] Subclassing from CPPParser

wiggjd at lsbu.ac.uk wiggjd at lsbu.ac.uk
Tue Dec 23 11:08:15 PST 2003

I am trying to place all our project code in a subclass of
CPPParser but I cannot get the subclassing to work.

I am using MSVC 6.0 with Antlr-2.7.1 to generate (C++) parser
in C++.

After inserting even the bare bones of a subclass I cannot get
rid of the following message,

e:\java\antlr-2.7.1\java-cpp\mycode.cpp(9) : error C2512:
'CPPParser' : no appropriate default constructor available

All the help file says is,

"No default constructor was available for the specified class,
structure, or union.

The compiler will supply a default constructor only if
user-defined constructors are not provided. If you provide a
constructor that takes a nonvoid parameter, then you must also
provide a default constructor. The default constructor can be
called with no parameters, that is, a constructor with default
values for all parameters."

Helpful, isn't it!

However, if I supply a default constructor for CPPParser I
then get a similar message for LLkParser but this doesn't
happen without the Mycode subclass!

I would be grateful if someone could suggest what I might be
doing wrong.

The subclass code is,

#include "CPPParser.hpp"

class Mycode : public CPPParser

#include "Mycode.hpp"


#include "CPPLexer.hpp"
#include "CPPParser.hpp"

#include "Mycode.hpp"

Mycode mycode();
Mycode *mycode = new Mycode();




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