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tdknghi <nk.truong at student.qut.edu.au> nk.truong at student.qut.edu.au
Mon Feb 17 13:53:13 PST 2003

  Hi there,

Thanks a lot for your response. However, I don't think copy the line 
number of the modifier to the type token would be appropriate. As if the 
students type varaible declaration like below. The line number will not 
be correct:
       i = 5;

Do you have any further suggestions?


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> > I would like tracking the line number in my program when parse 
> > program. I wrote a class to extend antlr.CommonAST then instruct 
> > parser to use my custom AST type rather than the default AST 
> > type. I have everything work beautifully except one problem. I 
> > attach all the files together with the description so that you could 
> > get a better idea of what goes wrong.
> ....
> >  a. The line number of the "ScreenWriter token" (type one) 
> > reset to 0 (the correct line number should be 5), but the line 
> > number of the token "writer" is correct which is 5. The rest of 
> > tokens in that line is correct.
> >  b. Similarity  with the line int i = 5; the line number of the 
> > token "int" is reset to 0 but the line number of toke "i", "=", "5" 
> > is correct.
> You have to set line numbers manually on manually created tokens 
> there's a lot of manually created stuff in the java grammar). At least 
> is my guess.
> >  I have done several tests. the line number only reset for the first 
> > token of the variable declaration line only. 
> My guess is that you can fix this particular one by meddling a bit with 
> variableDeclarator rule. (e.g. copy line info of the modifiers into the
> synthetic node VARIABLE_DEF etc.
> Cheers,
> Ric
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