[antlr-interest] Re: C# generator no working

micheal_jor open.zone at virgin.net
Mon Jul 7 18:44:48 PDT 2003

Ciao Patrick,

> > 1. ANTLR is not fully built or,
> what i have to do to build all ?

Please check the install.html that is supplied with ANTLR. You need 
to do something like:

java antlr.build.Tool build

from the top of the ANTLR directory.

> > 2. the antlr/actions/csharp/ActionLexer.class file is missing 
or ..
> checked: the class is on the right place

The error message you posted indicated that this file wasn't found. 
If it indeed in the correct place, it strongly suggests that you have 
a classpath issue.

> > 3. you have a classpath issue
> checking (system - advanced properties - environment variables..)
> variable name: "CLASSPATH"
> variable value: "C:\antlr-2.7.2\antlr.jar"
> checking only line in autoexec.bat
> path = C:\j2sdk1.4.1_02\bin\;C:\antlr-2.7.2\;%path%

I've found that it's easier to set the classpath on the commandline 
when you run java applications than to use a CLASSPATH environment 
variable. For example:

java -cp "C:\antlr-2.7.2\antlr.jar" antlr.Tool file.g

Please check and try again.

> Before to end I've a pair of questions:
> 1) I need ant to build C# lexer + parser ?

No. You can use Ant (or NAnt on a Windows-with-.NET platform) to 
build your projects. See the csharp examples in "examples\csharp".

> 2) what I can do with solution on lib/csharp ?

It is linked to the antlr.runtime.dll project as well as the 
JavaParser project provided as one of the examples. You need to build 
the sample itself using the NAnt build file in examples/csharp/java 
to be able to play with the JavaParser. The NAnt file runs ANTLR to 
generate the C# source for the Lexer and the Parser.




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