[antlr-interest] Parsing expressions inside a double quoted string?

Rodrigo B. de Oliveira rodrigobamboo at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 8 18:42:17 PDT 2003


First of all: great tool! I'm really in love with it :-)

Now, to my problem.

I'm developing a toy language to make sure I get this
compiler thing, you know, and boy, It's fun! :-)

The toy language feels a lot like python and btw I was amazed at how
easy and elegant it was to support the INDENT, DEDENT stuff:
write a filter! beautiful.

Well, my problem is that I want the language to support expressions
inside double quoted strings for easy formatting.

An example:

the_man = "Elvin Jones"
print("${the_man} is the man!")
print("2 + 2 = ${2 + 2}")

The idea is that one will be able to embed any valid expression inside
double quoted strings by using the ${} marker.

Any suggestions on how to better achieve this?

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