[antlr-interest] Re: SDL, MSC, ASN.1

Helmut Neukirchen neukirchen at itm.mu-luebeck.de
Thu Mar 6 02:37:51 PST 2003

"Dvoryansky Leonid" <dvleonid at land.ru> wrote:
> Is there any implementation of SDL ITU.T Z.100 state machine on ANTLR?
> Even only text notation implemented.
> Or MSC?

Unfortunatly, I do not understand your question:
Why do you want to implement the state machine based semantics of SDL
using ANTLR? ANTLR is more related to the syntax of a language, not its semantics.

(BTW.: since the semantics of SDL is formally described, it is even possible
to derive in a (semi-)automatic way a compiler/simulator for SDL, but this
does not involve ANTLR, but some tools which have been developed for the
underlying Abstract State Machine semantics:
Eschbach, R., Glässer, U., Gotzhein, R., von Löwis, M., Prinz, A.:
Formal Definition of SDL-2000: Compiling and Running SDL Specifications as ASM Models,
Journal of Universal Computer Science 7 (11), 2001, Springer, pp. 1025-1050)

In case you are just looking for an ANTLR-based parser for SDL, MSC and ASN.1,
have a look at:
SDL: <http://www.teststep.org/>
MSC: <http://www.itm.mu-luebeck.de/research/main_projects/projects/single_projects/index.php?lang=en&pj_nr=8&opj_nr=2>
ASN.1: <http://www.antlr.org/grammars/ASN.1/ASN1_grammar.g/>

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