[antlr-interest] IBM MVS JCL recognition

Jim O'Connor Jim.OConnor at microfocus.com
Thu Mar 13 10:58:41 PST 2003

Hi all,
  JCL has a number of fun recognition problems for which ANTLR might have
solutions.  There hasn't been a publicly available JCL grammar, as far as I
know.  I'll start with a direct ANTLR related question, just to get the ball

  JCL has "symbolic replacement".  For example, "OBJECT" below would be
assigned a value, say "FILE.NAME".


  which results in 


  For this example I see a TokenStreamFilter working nicely.  I gather the
definitions (Hashtable), get a "symbolic" token, look up the definition and
replace the text.

  Another example gets more complicated. Setting OBJECT =
"FILE.NEW,MYOPTION(1,4)", would translate to


 I don't have a token for token match.  I would be more comfortable
resorting back to a character stream and re-lexing.  I'd be glad to make the
example clearer if it isn't well described.

  Looking forward to hearing opinions, comments and being directed down
productive paths..... if there is such parsing JCL.




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