[antlr-interest] Runtime-only JAR?

Brian Smith brian-l-smith at uiowa.edu
Thu Mar 20 11:17:01 PST 2003


In ANTLR versions prior to 2.7.2 there were seperate JAR files, 
antlr.jar and antlrall.jar. antlr.jar had the runtime library and 
antlrall.jar had the runtime library plus everything else. As of 2.7.2, 
antlr.jar now contains everything (i.e. it is the equivalent of 
antlrall.jar) and there is no seperate runtime library JAR.

I think that the seperate runtime library JAR was very useful because of 
its small size. It is only 1/6th the size of antlrall.jar:

                 combined      runtime-only
   compressed    360K          60K
   uncompressed  685K          108K

With web-deployed applications (applets, web start applications, 
NetBeans Autoupdate, etc.), the JAR file size is important. So, I would 
like to see the runtime-only JAR file added back to the ANTLR build 
system. Actually, for the applications I have it would be best if there 
were two JAR's, one for the runtime lib and one that had everything 
except the runtime lib.

Does this sound like a reasonable change?



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