[antlr-interest] ANTLR crashing ...

Robert Colquhoun rjc at trump.net.au
Tue Mar 25 05:37:09 PST 2003

At 12:00 PM 25/03/2003 +0000, Anthony Youngman wrote:

>"class 'java.util.HashSet' not found" :-(
>And I looked - the release notes merely say it needs 1.1 ...

For what its worth - i don't think 1.1 compatibility got deliberately 
broke, more developers using probably 1.3 or 1.4 just didn't bother 
checking to see if the routines were available on older versions.

At the moment it can probably be fixed so that antlr works again with 1.1, 
but whether it is a worthwhile to spend time doing this is a difficult 

>Off to www.suse.com to see if I can get an update :-(

I saw that suse 8.1 shipped with 1.3.1, but i am not sure they will provide 
1.1. -> 1.3 updates for older distributions as other software(ie java 
applications) probably depend on there being a 1.1 version available.

You might need to install a jdk from Sun/IBM/Blackdown to run side by side 
with the installed suse version.  Just make sure when working on antlr the 
newer java is in the path before java-1.1 ie type 'java -version' to check.

  - Robert


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