[antlr-interest] Java 1.1 Patch for Antlr-2.7.2

Robert Colquhoun rjc at trump.net.au
Wed Mar 26 06:26:30 PST 2003

At 09:04 AM 26/03/2003 +0000, Anthony Youngman wrote:

>Thanks. I shall have to play with it.

Actually i just did some double checking, trying to rebuild everything from 
scratch and noticed some off the debug stuff depends on the swing libraries 
being present.  These are not shipped by default with java 1.1 need to also 
have swing-1.1.1 jar files in the classpath for it to compile.

Also if you delete all the class files in the distribution, then create the 
build tool it cannot then subsequently compile the main antlr directory - 
seems to need antlr/JavaCodeGenerator for something.  Can fix this by using 
javac explicitly on the main antlr directory then running the build tool....

>As for file permissions, wasn't there some fuss over that on the list? I 
>think the build system changes them to write, does its stuff, and changes 
>them back. Helps prevent accidents :-)

Not sure this was a good idea:
         1) File permissions do *not* work on windows, most unzip tools 
ignore them
         2) Breaks the current java build tool, appears as if some 
intermediate files have been declared read only
         3) Causes annoyance if you are modifying lots of files(ie cleaning 
up import statements)
         4) Prevents problems that do *not* occur ie if you accidently 
delete a file antlr will not build, if you modify one it is easy to find 
this later as windows and unix have many tools to search for files with 
recent modification dates.

  - Robert


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