[antlr-interest] Re: [C++] How to init variables of MyParser ?

Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Wed Sep 3 12:27:07 PDT 2003

on 9/3/03 10:17 PM, izniegoed at klaren at cs.utwente.nl wrote:

> Hi,
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> wrote:
>> Question is, how I can make ANTLR to generate C++ sources that will init
>> mstream on construction of parser instance ???
> I see two options:
> 1. Use constructors with different signatures as the default ones
> provided by antlr.
> 2. Turn of generation of default constructors. (development versions
> contain a option for it) if you use it you have to provide all
> constructors yourself.

But I suggest other way:

Each constructor generated by ANTLR should call some empty function.
And we can implement this function in grammar. Or this can be as option in
Parser class.

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