[antlr-interest] My parser hangs in an infinite loop on certain inputs

Matt Lowry mclowry at cs.adelaide.edu.au
Tue Sep 9 00:17:37 PDT 2003

Matt Lowry wrote:

>Hi folks. I'm having some trouble with my grammer concering "multiset 
>formation" constructs.
>The language I'm doing a parser for supports expressions like:
[bork bork bork]

>If I can achieve this without an AST action, and at the same time avoid 
>tickling an ANTLR bug, then could someone please tell me.

OK, I've found a new way to do things that achieves more-or-less what I 
want, but the AST generated is more verbose and ornate then what I would 
like. Anyhoo,  my question remains:
Why did my initial grammer (attached to first email) result in a parser 
that entered an infinite loop on some input and not others?
As far as I can tell from the doco, what I did was perfectly kosher ...


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