[antlr-interest] translations wanted?

paul taney paultaney at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 09:43:31 PDT 2003

--- Pete Forman <pete.forman at westerngeco.com> wrote:
> At 2003-09-08 08:31 -0700, mzukowski at yci.com wrote:
> >I think it would be more fun to do a Python grammar
> though :)
> So that we could write an emitter that puts in
> braces?  ;-)

Now Pete,

You know that's nothing that ten or eleven chars
of perl can't fix.  You just need a preprocessor,
here it is:

    perl -pe 'y/{}/: /' 

as in:

$ cat >tmp
i = 2
while i {
    print "Redundancy is good."
    i -= 1

$ perl -pe 'y/{}/: /' tmp | python
Redundancy is good.
Redundancy is good.

To brace or indent, that is the question.
No.  You can have both.


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