UTF8 for wondows console [antlr-interest] UTF8 en consola windows?

Nigel Sheridan-Smith nbsherid at secsme.org.au
Mon Sep 20 13:19:36 PDT 2004

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> > I have a console application that, along with other
> > platforms, works with Windows.
> >
> > The problem is when I send messages I suppose that
> > they are sent with UTF8 and the typical console of
> > windows (cmd.exe) which doesn't support it.
> > My question is, does anyone know if one can configure
> > the console to accept UTF8 or some way of changing the
> > coding so that characters with accents or other
> > similar characters can be seen?
> >

I just tried switching to the "Lucinda console" font and it supports more
UTF-8 characters than the traditional "Raster fonts". I couldn't get it to
produce the characters using 'Alt' key combinations, but I could copy and
paste them from Character Map okay. 

Most of the old raster fonts (such as Terminal, MS Serif, etc) only seem to
support 255 ASCII characters.

So try switching to another font (selecting "for all future windows") and
then printing your characters from your console application as Unicode and
see if it makes any difference.

I know that in the past, when I wrote a Cantonese language practise
application, I ended up using GDI's TextOut() and a suitable TrueType font
to display the accented characters, but I didn't try switching that console
font at that time from memory, so I think its worth a shot.


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