[antlr-interest] C++ as a target - FAQ questions...

Bryan Ewbank ewbank at synopsys.com
Wed Sep 22 08:19:14 PDT 2004

Hi Folks,

I've just started to use ANTLR, and seem to be in the minority because I
have C++ as my target language, rather than java.  I've been able to compile
an executable with my language it in (hurrah!), but am having a hard time
sorting out what is Java and what is ANTLR in a specific file.

Is there a place where someone that knows compilers well (theory and
application) can find information on what is available in the actions and
surrounding code for a C++ target?   The LL(k) versus LALR stuff wasn't much
of a problem - though lexing REAL versus INTEGER is annoying - but figuring
out the class hierarchy and what magic incantation to use to get what I want
seems to be hard.

For example, I know that C++ uses "->" in most(?) places where the Java uses
"."; likewise, "::" instead of "." seemed to resolve some other problems.
Now I'm at one that stumped me.  In the "Debugging and Testing Grammars"
discussion on the web, there are several calls to "super.<xxyyzz>"; however,
I don't know the name of the superclass to use when translating this to C++,
so can't precisely implement this on my own.

Thank you,

- Bryan Ewbank
"The best tool for requirements analysis and design is a crayon"

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