[antlr-interest] Need antlr which generates code in vb.net

Micheal J open.zone at virgin.net
Wed Apr 13 14:53:01 PDT 2005

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> Subject: [antlr-interest] Need antlr which generates code in vb.net
> Hello everybody,
> Is there any implemetation of ANTLR which generates VB.NET 
> code and also supports AST?

This doesn't answer your question but, have you considered writing a VB.Net
code generator yourself. The exisitng .NET runtime library is fully
compatible with VB.NET so you wouldn't need to port/rewrite that.

Have a look at the C# codegen in CSharpCodeGenerator.java and see if you can
derive a version that generates VB.NET code instead. Once that is done, we
can add a VB_NET language target for you.

If you can wait a few months, this will be even easier to do with ANTLR v3.


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