[antlr-interest] Problems with generated code

Theo Harper Theo_Harper at systemsunion.com
Wed Aug 3 09:05:38 PDT 2005

I am running 2.7.5.

How can I get hold of a newer versions?


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> I am having a problem with the generated parser, specifically the 
> ASTFactory initialisation.
> My tokens are defines as follows (in the grammar file):
> 	EXECUTE="execute";
> INSERT="insert"<AST=SystemsUnion.Reporting.Server.Execution.SQ
> LParser.Insert
> AST>;
> 	...
> When I generate the parser and lexer the following code is generated 
> which does not compile:
> 	static public void initializeASTFactory( ASTFactory factory ) {
> 		factory.setMaxNodeType(79);
> 		factory.setTokenTypeASTNodeType("insert",
> "SystemsUnion.Reporting.Server.Execution.SQLParser.InsertAST");
> 		factory.setTokenTypeASTNodeType("select",
> "SystemsUnion.Reporting.Server.Execution.SQLParser.SelectAST");
> 		...
> The first argument to setTokenTypeAsTNodeType should be an int and not 
> a string.
> Does anyone have any suggestions? 

What version of ANTLR are you using?. 2.7.5 is the latest 

[I should note that Ric Klaren and Scott Stansfield distribute more recent
variants of 2.7.5 (Scott calls his 2.7.6).]

In the meantime, I'll do a quick test here myself...


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