[antlr-interest] Confluence Status!

Ahmed Mohombe amohombe at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 06:25:12 PDT 2005


I'm not a Confluence expert - just a user, but I had so far
no problems with it.

For me, the ANRLR confluence worked:
- I signed up - worked
- changed my password - worked
- I added a space(ANTLR) - worked
- Added test page and test news - worked.
- (re)Edit created page - worked.
- add comment - worked.
- Made them visible to anonymous(I think there's no need for more) - worked.

So from a user perspective it looks everything OK.

So folks:
- what do we need more at the moment?
- what's the problem?
- why do you want to install something else when this works and the 
install work was already done?

Of course, I haven't tested the admin features cause I have no admin rights.

IMHO, if there are some admin problems, you should ask by Atlassian. 
They are very helpful (at least that was our experience).


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