[antlr-interest] hierarchy of lexers and parsers

Andrew Deren andrew at adersoftware.com
Thu Aug 11 13:26:18 PDT 2005

I've done something similar to what you need (but used # for starting
expression), but it was a hand coded lexer and parsers. 
It's part of my code templates open source project. You can download it from


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I've just started using ANTLR and I have a question I hope can be answered
on the list.

My input is a string which contains some tags (anything within angle
brackets) and some logic code (anything within square brackets) embedded in
regular text. I would like to have a primary lexer that recognizes three
token types: TEXT, TAG and CODE. When the primary parser encounters a token
of type CODE while generating the AST, I would like it to pass that token to
a secondary (lexer,parser) pair that will be in charge of building the

I believe this can be achieved by using token streams but so far, I haven't
found a convenient solution.

Thanks in advance,

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