[antlr-interest] using VC++6 to compile antlr in a static library

ales.cerri at tiscali.it ales.cerri at tiscali.it
Fri Aug 12 09:41:41 PDT 2005

Hi all,
I'm currently using antlr for a little parser and I wanted to compile it
using VC++6. I tried to look for any kind of information about it but what
I found wasn't very usefull (maybe I didn't look for in the correct place...)

So I changed (a little bit) the source code of antlr by myself, in order
to make it available for compiling on VC++6. Now I have a VC++6 project compiling
antlr in a static library that can be linked from other VC++6 projects which
need antlr. My changes are not invasive and, obviously, the sources can be
compiled under linux (I've tried on Red Hat).

I believe it could be usefull for someone who, like me, need this feature.
What do you think about it? could I post my sources? where?


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