[antlr-interest] Re: antlr / stringtemplate wiki are up

Ahmed Mohombe amohombe at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 17 00:43:30 PDT 2005

>>> What's more important is that the content of the pages is well  
>>> formatted, and easy to read :).
>> Hi.  :)  Is there a way to get a printable version of the whole  
>> thing?  For example, a PDF of the doc?
> Well, there's a 'printer' button in to right upper conrner. That button 
> will apply a different 'decorator' over the page. That page is nice 
> enough to be printed or used with with OpenOffice (than save as PDF).
Now I saw that if one is logged in, near the 'printer' button, there's a 
PDF button too :) . The generated PDF looks very good :) (now I think I 
love this software :) ).

Maybe it's a good idea to take the 'feature tour', cause it seems that 
they implemented lot's of small gems :) :


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