[antlr-interest] reminder: ANTLR2005 Oct 20-21, 2005

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Thu Aug 18 13:17:47 PDT 2005


Just a reminder that the workshop is being held again this year  
(hosted / cosponsored by BEA systems) here in San Francisco:


We are about half full already so starting thinking about signing up  
if you are planning on coming.  Only 35 people will fit in the room.

It will be lots of fun; very informal, but full of info.  Lots of  
ANTLR users just talking about their projects and me talking about  
various applications and future stuff.  I'm even trying to get  
Eclipse to send people to talk about ANTLR use/integration or other  
language use etc... in Eclipse.  Who else from industry would be a  
reasonable person to speak?

You can either just come and listen or you can do a quick 10 or 15  
minute presentation on what you've been playing with or thinking  
about; longer if you want.

We have 3 international folks coming so far even. :)

CS Professor & Grad Director, University of San Francisco
Creator, ANTLR Parser Generator, http://www.antlr.org
Cofounder, http://www.jguru.com

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