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> HI Alexey - thanks for the response. Unfortunately my keywords aren't
> keywords in the traditional sense. My keywords are a constant prefix
> suffixed with an integer (see my followup mail).
> I'd really appreciate any help here. I've tried a number of approaches
> (obviously I'm an antlr newbie) and now I'm stuck with the following
> error:
> expecting THING_ID, found THING123

So, you want to match any tokens of the following structure:

protected DIGIT : '0'..'9' ;

THING_ID: "Thing" ( DIGIT )+ ;

And where is the problem? Do you want to qualify Thing456 as ID instead of THING_ID
if Thing456 was not defined? You can check for it in code:

: "Thing" ( DIGIT )+ 
  { if( !isDefined( $getText ) ) $setType( ID ); }


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