[antlr-interest] Difference in tree parsers

Serafettin Senturk serafettin_sentuerk at intergral.com
Wed Aug 24 01:17:51 PDT 2005


  First, thanks for your instructions for sample tree parsers.

  I had a look at the "treewalk/treewalk.g" where the LCURLY is used as the
root of the AST. In the "imagNodeAST/treewalk.g" file it uses the imaginary
BLOCK token as the root. What is the difference between these taking
different kinds of roots, one is normal root with "^" and one is imaginary
token. Are they really different from each other?


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Serafettin Senturk wrote:

> Hi,
> I read almost all the documentations about tree parsers and reference
>manual of Antlr for tree parsers. Now I want to use it practically. For
>reason, can anybody send a couple of sample files that contain tree
>parser(walker) grammar. In the documents i cannot find that much practical
>usage of tree walkers.
> Thanks in advance
>  Serafettin
In addition to the manual, there are fully working examples in an
examples directory if you download the full source tarball of antlr.
examples/java/treewalk/treewalk.g, transform and imagNodeAST might be
good starting points.


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