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Ersin Er ersin_er at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 04:48:01 PDT 2005


I have more information about the problem now:

If I do not have an identifier rule and if I have keywords in the
grammar then the problem I explained in my previous mail (below) occurs
(and this is normal I think). If I have include the indentifier rule in
the lexer and if I do the testLiterals stuff and when I try to test the
parser it just HANGS without any messages.

Now, is there any suggestions?

-- Ersin

--- Ersin Er <ersin_er at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have problem with keyword in my language. Here is a simple
> production
> (some action code ommited for briefness):
> ss_base :
>     "base" l_name=localName
>     {
>         // do something with l_name
>     }
>     ;
> What ANTLR says about this grammar is:
> "unexpected char 'b'"
> The 'b' here is the 'b' of the "base". I face the same problem with
> all
> my keywords. ANTLR allways complain about the first character of any
> keyword in the parser productions. I did the testLiterals trick but
> it
> did not help and in fact I do not have an identifier type)
> Can you help please?
> Greetings.
> -- Ersin
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