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Sun Aug 28 20:45:41 PDT 2005

Jon Schewe <jpschewe at mtu.net> wrote:You are misunderstanding. javac does not use an instance of
java.lang.ClassLoader (at least not that I've been able to find). I'm
generating classes inside a Java program that should then be executed
inside the same JVM.

On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 12:35 -0400, Andy Tripp wrote:
> Why not just use javac itself? It's written in Java,
> it uses a ClassLoader (unless I'm misunderstanding what you're looking
> for), and you can get the source from Sun.
> >I have to believe that someone on this list has seen such a thing or
> >even written it. I'm looking for a Java compiler that has the following
> >features:
> > * Is written in pure Java
> > * Uses a ClassLoader to find other classes to compile (so I can
> > generate the source on the fly)
> >
> >I'd also like it to handle Java 1.5 syntax, but this isn't a
> >requirement.
> >
> >I've looked at DynamicJava and it doesn't handle circular class
> >references.
> >
> >JavaAssist is close, but it can't be given a whole source file to just
> >compile, only method bodies.
> >
> >Groovy works pretty nicely, but doesn't handle the final keyword or
> >interfaces.
> >
> >BCEL is just too low level. If someone took the Java 1.5 antlr grammar
> >and then used BCEL in teh actions, that would probably work.
> >

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