[antlr-interest] Lean runtime jar

Christopher Schultz christopher.d.schultz at comcast.net
Thu Feb 3 09:26:08 PST 2005


>   Is there a leaner runtime jar than the 400k antlr-2.7.5.jar on the
> download page?
> A well known subset of classes?  I know that LLkParser.class etc are needed for
> runtime execution of an antlr generated parser, but I'd imagine some of the
> code generation classes don't need to be distributed with the runtime.
> Should I begin a quick 'java -verbose' style analysis, or has someone
> on this list
> already assembled a lean runtime jar.

I would be interested in the same thing. I'd like to use an 
ANTLR-generated parser in production and have a somewhat smaller li 

Let me know what your list of required classes comes out to be.

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