[antlr-interest] Re: build problem with antlr-2.7.5

wolfgang haefelinger ora.et.labora at web.de
Sat Feb 12 06:17:56 PST 2005

Indeed antlr.jar is missing by accident (not sure why). There's also
something wrong with time stamps  as  the rule below, ie. to compile
antlr.g, should not  be  triggered  at  all (the generated files are
already part of the source distribution).

The problem(s) will be fixed soon.

Sorry for all this trouble,

"Krishanu Debnath" 
<krishanu.debnath at gmail.com> wrote in message 
news:9fa1fefc05020904014b98abc5 at mail.gmail.com...
> Hello,
> I am getting the following errors during build of antlr-2.7.5 .
> krishanu at meghna[199] configure --prefix=/u/krishanu/my_local/antlr_275/
> ...
> krishanu at meghna[194] make
>>> make -C ./antlr install
> make[1]: Entering directory `/u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5/antlr'
> /bin/sh /u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5/scripts/antlr.sh
> /u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5/antlr/../antlr/antlr.g
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> Unable to compile ANTLR grammar file(s)
> /u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5/antlr/../antlr/antlr.g
> Reason(s):
> (a) there's no /u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5/antlr/antlr.jar
> (b) there's no /u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5/antlr.jar
> (c) there's no /u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5/lib/antlr.jar
> (d) options --with-antlr-jar --with-antlr-cmd not applied
>     or value given is not correct.
>         You may resolve this problem by setting environment variable
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> make[1]: *** [ANTLRParser.java] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5/antlr'
> make: *** [install] Error 1
> krishanu at meghna[195] pwd
> /u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.5
> I noticed that antlr.jar is used to there in earlier releases, atleast
> in 2.7.4.I use antlr for C++ code generation. So in earlier i used to
> build libantlr.a and use antlr in the following
> way.
> java -cp "/u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.4/antlr.jar" antlr.Tool lexer.g
> java -cp "/u/krishanu/ANTLR/antlr-2.7.4/antlr.jar" antlr.Tool parser.g
> gcc -c -g -I. -I$ANTLR_HOME/lib/cpp -Wall myLexer.cpp
> gcc -c -g -I. -I$ANTLR_HOME/lib/cpp -Wall myParser.cpp
> gcc -c -g -I. -I$ANTLR_HOME/lib/cpp -Wall main.cpp
> gcc main.o myLexer.o myParser.o 
> $ANTLR_HOME/lib/cpp/src/libantlr.a -lstdc++
> Am I missing something? (My java knowledge is frustratingly poor)
> Thanks
> Krishanu
> -- 
> "When I have to rely on inadequacy, I prefer it to be my own."
> --Richard Heathfield

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