[antlr-interest] 2.8 update

Loring Craymer Loring.G.Craymer at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Feb 13 13:12:39 PST 2005

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> I feel real stupid asking this but what role do the caltech guys have
> to play in antlr??

JPL is part of CalTech, and is a NASA center.  As such, I am a CalTech
employee.  I put a fair amount of work into developing automatic tree
grammar generation facility for ANTLR, and as part of that work designed and
implemented a target-language independent rewrite syntax and the machinery
to support it.

The combination makes for a significant upgrade to ANTLR; it dramatically
reduces the time needed for developing tree transformation passes.

> Also what all stuff goes under the Caltech/Open Channel?

The grammars for rewrite and tree grammar generation, plus the classes to
support tree grammar generation.

>   The Caltech/OpenChannel license restricts modification for
> > commercial use, but not commercial use per se (the intent is to give
> Open
> > Channel a first crack at commercialization opportunities).

There is a phrase on "modification for commercial use" in the license--about
the second paragraph, if I remember correctly.  This is not the usual ANTLR
"license", but one negotiated between Open Channel and CalTech.

I'm still working on testing C++ support:  I had a defective cygwin
installation, and have been pretty busy this past week.  Hopefully, I'll
have everything in the hands of the Open Channel folks early this week.


> What exactly do you mean by "commercial use per se" ? I just read the
> license and it seems to have no provision for commercial use anywhere.

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