[antlr-interest] FEATURE REQUEST: continued and memory/speedissues

Akhilesh Mritunjai virtualaspirin at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 2 23:57:58 PST 2005

One thing more-

As of now there are three reference counted garbage
collector implementations in C++ code generator (viz-
RefCount, ASTRefCount and ref_ptr/TokenRefCount).

Among these, the ref_ptr is most feature rich
(ASTRefCount is similar, but hard coded for use with
AST class, and TokenRefCount is, I believe, adaptation
in 2.7.5 of ref_ptr (of development snapshot build)
for use with Token class [why???]). RefCount is most
simple and non-intrusive, but most inflexible one.

Is there any specific reason for all of three to
co-exist, or can we do away with all and standardize
on deriving from 'Countable' and using ref_ptr ?

- Akhilesh

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