[antlr-interest] tree parsing error messages

Joshua Davis joshua.davis at kiodex.com
Tue Jan 4 12:43:02 PST 2005

I noticed that synthetic tokens don't produce nice line numbers, if it's
a simple change that sounds like a good idea.

joshua at hibernate.org 

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> Howdy folks,
> It is common practice to create nodes in trees using 
> imaginary tokens such as DECL or whatever.  The problem is 
> that, because they are not associated with an actual input 
> token with a line number, they have no line number.  Upon 
> tree parse error you get "unexpected not DECL at 0:0".  Not 
> very helpful.
> For 2.7.5, how about if I change getLine() so that by default 
> it looks at the first child and asks for it's line 
> information?  In one easy change, error messages should improve :)
> Ter
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