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Nigel Sheridan-Smith nbsherid at secsme.org.au
Tue Jan 4 15:14:54 PST 2005

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> Hello,
> I've written a grammar for the Common Intermediate Language but there are
> some nondeterminisms.
> I'm a newbie and I need help to remove these warnings (if it's possible).
> There are the errors:
> ANTLR Parser Generator   Version 2.7.4   1989-2004 jGuru.com
> cil.g:1436: warning:nondeterminism upon
> cil.g:1436:     k==1:LBRACK
> cil.g:1436:     k==2:INTEGER_LITERAL,TRIPLE_DOT
> cil.g:1436:     between alt 6 and exit branch of block
> cil.g:1566: warning:nondeterminism upon
> cil.g:1566:     k==1:LBRACK
> cil.g:1566:     k==2:RBRACK
> cil.g:1566:     between alt 1 and exit branch of block
> cil.g:519:25: warning:lexical nondeterminism between alts 1 and 2 of block
> upon
> cil.g:519:25:     k==1:'E','e'
> cil.g:519:25:     k==2:<end-of-token>

Hey you don't look like a newbie, that's a pretty complicated grammar!!

I couldn't find the first one, the grammar was just too messy and all over
the place, and I've been searching for quite a while.

The second one is between "nativeTypePostFix" and "variantTypePostFix"... it
might be either LBRACK RBRACK in line 1516 or line 1566 (zero or more times
for each of them).

The last one is between the 'e' or 'E' in 'a'..'f' (line 519) and the 'e' or
'E' in EXPONENT (line 523/530) ... 

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