[antlr-interest] Fail to pass test in C++ Grammar

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Mon Jan 10 08:27:41 PST 2005

Hi, everyone:
	I'm new to ANTLR, and I desired to do something about analyzing data flow in C++. 
	I downloaded the C++ project led by David from www.antlr.org's grammar section. and compiled in MSVC 7.1, it compiles well. However, I can't even pass the simplest test with below contents:

	#include <stdio.h>
	int main()
 		return 0;
	I captured the exception and found from where the exception was thrown:
	//	...
	else if ((LA(1) == 0x23 /* '#' */ ) 
					&& (_tokenSet_0.member(LA(2)))) {
	// ...
	I found _tokenSet_0.member(LA(2))) return false, while LA(2) is 'i', so the switch statement eventually went into the "default" block, and threw an exception.
    I want to ask, is there something wrong with the grammar file? or I made any mistake, any
help would be appriciable :)


vinvinsent at 263.net
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