[antlr-interest] warning:lexical nondeterminism between rulesVARTYPE and IDENT upon....

Anthony Youngman Anthony.Youngman at eca-international.com
Mon Jan 17 04:16:19 PST 2005

The problem is simple - your VARTYPEs can match either the VARTYPE or
IDENT rules. Hence the inderterminism.

I notice you've got "testLiterals" set to true for IDENT, so just
declare "int", "float" etc as literals, and scrap the VARTYPE rule

You can then either test for them in the IDENT rule, or the parser. (By
declaring them as literals, they will be allocated their own types for
parsing purposes - they won't be type IDENT.)


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hey, in my lexer i have this:

    options { paraphrase = "a variable type"; }
        :    ("int" | "float" | "string" | "bool")
    options { paraphrase = "an identifier"; testLiterals = true; }
        :    ('a'..'z' |'A'..'Z') ('a'..'z'|'A'..'Z'|'_'|'0'..'9')*

MyLexer.g: warning:lexical nondeterminism between rules VARTYPE and 
IDENT upon
MyLexer.g:     k==1:'b','f','i','s'
MyLexer.g:     k==2:'l','n','o','t'

it works ok as far as i know though, i'm not sure how to print a list of

the tokens from the lexer into the console (cpp)

anyway, how do i turn the warning off?


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