[antlr-interest] Oracle 7 Sql Grammar - any actual working configurations ?

Monty Zukowski monty at codetransform.com
Tue Jan 18 11:15:46 PST 2005

Philip Dye wrote:
> I would be very interested in hearing about any working configurations of antlr that will build the Oracle 7 SQL Grammar.
> I am trying to build the Oracle 7 SQL parser (http://www.antlr.org/grammar/ORACLE-7-SQL) but have had no success.
> Using:
>   java antlr.Tool sql.g
> with either version 2.7.2 or 2.7.4 of the antlr.jar file results in a long list of grammar errors.
> All relevant files may be found at:
>   http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~phdye/antlr/o7-grammar
> In particular, the antlr.Tool output is:
>   http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~phdye/antlr/o7-grammar/o7-grammar-errors.log

I didn't see any errors at that link, only warnings.  Did it generate 
the .java files?  If so, you are set.

It is typical for grammars to have nondeterminisms that can't be 
resolved.  Especially ugly grammars like SQL.


ANTLR & Java Consultant

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