[antlr-interest] Parse simle list

Tomasz Bluszcz moviem at web.de
Sat Jan 22 03:57:09 PST 2005

hi all,
sorry for my bad english first..

I'm a beginner in antlr and don't want do build a compiler...
I'm trying to parse a simle file and tranfere this to my own structures.
Programming language is C++.

Example file content:

	"BOOL" bool1;
	"BOOL" bool11;

	"BOOL" bool2;
	"BOOL" bool22;

Because i get an stack overflow with the automatic generated flat ast on
leaving a method where the ast is used ("Refast t = parser.getAst();")
(filesize 15K, 1000 lines) I would like to generate a simple tree like:

ELEMENT - Name1 - BOOL - bool1 - bool11 - ...
ELEMENT - Name2 - BOOL - bool2 - bool22 - ...
 .....  - ...

When i made the "ELEMENT"^ token to a root Token then i works fine (no stack
overflow) but my list is then a tree and i cannot walk the list down to
initialise my structures.

Here is the very simple parser grammar:

parse		:	(KW_ELEMENT LEGALNAME attribs)* ;
attribs	:	'{'! (CCBOOL LEGALNAME)* '}'!;

Can anybody point my an example or give my some hints?

What modification i have to do to get the tree structure described above?
Exist a c++ class to view the ast like the java class ASTviewer?
Have anyone a similar exsamle for me?

Many Thx, Tom.

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