[antlr-interest] StringTemplate 2.1 release!

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Tue Jan 25 11:31:24 PST 2005

On Jan 25, 2005, at 11:17 AM, Alan Gutierrez wrote:

>> Sometime in the next 9 months you'll see a GUI built by Jean Bovet, a
>> graduate student here at USF. :)
>     Eclipse based? I'm using an ANTLR/Eclipse plugin. It's really
>     nice.

Hi Alan,

Well, eclipse never made sense to me, but I know it's much more popular 
than Intellij (as that is $400 a pop).  We plan on a standalone GUI at 
first to student the problem and will then worry about integration with 
IDEs. :)

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