[antlr-interest] Lexer/Parser invocation

Bharath Sundararaman Bharath.Sundararaman at starthis.com
Mon Jan 31 13:29:54 PST 2005

Hi all,

I am using ANTLR as my CC tool and I have a routine that passes source
code as a string to my compiler. The question is, if I did not want to
create instances of the lexer/parser every single time I pass a string,
how would I do it?

In other words, I want to avoid doing this every time:

Lexer l = new lexer("source code goes here");
Parser p = new Parser(l); // l is the Lexer object
Parser.topRule(); // top most rule

I use ANTLR in a Java based environment and I saw the following post on
the grp:


I could not find the method signatures listed in this post. For example,
the parser constructor seems to have a pointer (in C++) to a lexer and
symbol_information? (Slightly lost here)

Any ideas?



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Vern Paxson put many years into making flex as fast as humanly possible.
Doing as well would be difficult, especially since one of the design
for ANTLR 3 is to maintain the human readability of generated code.

That said, ANTLR 3 lexers will be much faster than ANTLR 2 lexers; Ter
some data on that that I believe he posted to the list.

Ter has said "May" for early availability; however, that could change.


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> Hi All,
> Anybody can confirm this ?
> It seems I have read talk about automates for Lexer 3.0
> This give a hope.  :-)
> Any news when 3.0 should be ready ?
> When is expected its beta testing ?
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