[antlr-interest] Error: How to deal with Special characters?

Premkumar Rathanavelu rprememail at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 24 06:57:31 PDT 2005

Hi Everyone.,
  In source codes often comments comes with some kind of 
  special characters like û etc., 
Consider a Comment Line:
/*  Computer Software – Restricted Rights */
In the above comment line, hyphen ('-') between "Software" and "Restricted" 
looks normal but when we view that in DOS editor it shows 
'-' as û.
My comment line token 
 : "/*"
  ( {LA(2) != '/'}? '*'
  | EndOfLine //{newline();}
  | ~('*'| '\r' | '\n')
  "*/"  {$setType(Token.SKIP);}// newline();} 
So, I placed a token with that special character in the parser.
But still I'm getting error. The file could not be parsed anymore.
I'm a newbie..please help me to overcome the error.
Thanks in advance.,

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