[antlr-interest] 2.7.5 bug report: catch for never-thrown exception in empty rule

Alexey Demakov demakov at ispras.ru
Fri Jul 29 03:18:41 PDT 2005

When empty rule is translated:

class MyParser extends Parser;

expression : ;

The following code is produced:

 public final void expression() throws RecognitionException, TokenStreamException {
  try {      // for error handling
  catch (RecognitionException ex) {

That causes error reported by java 1.5 compiler:

MyParser.java:48: exception antlr.RecognitionException is never thrown in body o
f corresponding try statement
                catch (RecognitionException ex) {
1 error


Alexey Demakov
TreeDL: Tree Description Language: http://treedl.sourceforge.net
RedVerst Group: http://www.unitesk.com

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