[antlr-interest] Do u use Grammar Inheritance?

Lloyd Dupont lloyd at nova-mind.com
Thu Jun 2 18:25:05 PDT 2005

I have 3 answer to that:

1. Terence itself said it was evil (Amen ;-) so....
and it would be culled out of 3.x!

2. ANTLR 2.x silently generate an expandedGrammar.g with all the grammar 
alltogether. adding the new rule and replacing the overriden one, doesn't 
seem a big deal to me to duplicate....

I could point out that this expandedGrammar is a good starting point when 
porting inherited grammar to 3.x, as all the adding/including/overriding has 
already be done for you by ANTLR in this file!

3 Anyway it's easy to complain, but thanks for your good works! (yet to come 
(real) soon)

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>> Just reply a 'yay' or a 'nay'.
>> Supporting this feature in Antlr Studio real nicely would be
>> a *major* pain in the ass. And i will do it only if i get a
>> *lot* of 'yays'. Otherwise it will just be some sort of a
>> workaround or 'just somehow supported' feature.
> What does "real nice support" entail?. What would ANTLRStudio do and how
> would I use it or interface with this support.
> Ditto for the "workaround support".
>> I personally think the grammar inheritance portion of Antlr's
>> documentation should be marked 'Evil - Dont Touch' ;-)
> I actually used it heavily on a few projects where I was dealing with
> language families.
> Micheal

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