[antlr-interest] Why no links to ANTLR 3.0 on www.antlr.org??

Kevin Williams kevin at bantamtech.com
Thu Jun 9 11:58:40 PDT 2005

Peter Yu wrote:
> Though, from the way the feedback about beginners' difficulty in
> comprehending how some of the things ought to be done, it seems
> like ANTLR is now popular enough that those who aren't from a pure
> CS background are using the tools as well, so it might be helpful to
> at least have a list of references to common practices and such
> in the documentation.

I would appreciate any beginner-focused documentation, whether it's just 
book titles, online articles, more in-depth documentation, anything. 
I've tried Googling around, but I don't even know quite what to look 
for. I'm struggling with ANTLR, to say the least. ( I'd say I'm 
"self-educated" rather than "un-educated" - it makes me feel better, at 
least! :) )

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