[antlr-interest] ANTLR v3 tree construction :)

Anthony Youngman Anthony.Youngman at eca-international.com
Mon Jun 27 08:18:42 PDT 2005

Talk to Rob Colquhoun, myself or Jim Idle if you want a query language -
we've been working on that sort of thing for forty years (not
personally, but the technology's that old). Monty might have some ideas

If you want a manipulation language, you might be out of luck. SQL tried
that sort of thing, Pick decided it was too complicated to be worth


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> eeewwww! ;)  Down with anything specified in XML
> that a human has to  
> touch. ;)

Ouch. The goal is to provide a declarative query/path
language... on second thoughts, I guess existing ANTLR
syntax is powerful enough to get the job done... I'll
have to research more to come up with convinving
arguments for/against the idea.


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