[antlr-interest] Code beautifier-indentation

Meena Moktali mmoktali at bphx.dk
Fri Mar 18 00:04:20 PST 2005

hi John & Bryan,
The example I have shown is just doing indentation...to start with..:)
I also know that I have to keep track of the levels and change the columns...just not getting the proper grammar 
for it.I also have to reformat it ---
keep track of line size,put the 'of' under another 'of' and 'map'under 'map'.

I am trying out with the help of treewalk.g ,but getting stuck.
I shall be grateful if u can suggest me a sample grammar for the indentation,the rest I think I can 
manage.Also I welcome suggestions for any other option to ANTLR...:)
I have a scary deadline..please help!

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To expand on John's question...

Do you need to split/merge lines, or simply change the indents.  The
example you showed only adjusts leading whitespace, so it's hard to

It may be as simple as a hack that says "map must start in column 4",
or it may be much more complex.

Please say more about the problem you need to solve; it may be (gasp)
that ANTLR isn't the right tool for you to do solve it.  No, really

- B

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