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Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Mon Mar 21 10:47:02 PST 2005

On Mar 21, 2005, at 5:03 AM, Scott Stanchfield wrote:

> Has anyone suggested "Bovet"?

I hadn't thought of that.  Pretty cool: ANTLRBovet or BovetANTLR or 
Bovet, but it doesn't "say" IDE.  I really would like to have ANTLR in 
the name so I can leverage the visibility and names that say what they 
do are useful.  That said, "Bovet" is pretty cool 'cept everyone but 
the French would mispronounce it ;)  It's "bo-vay".


> It's at very least worth a suggestion to compliment the author ;)
> -- Scott
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>> Bryan Ewbank <ewbank at gmail.com> writes:
>>> What about Moose?  ANTLRs come from mooses, after all.
>> Shouldn't that be MOOS?
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