[antlr-interest] Help : How to return more values in Parser

Premkumar Rathanavelu rprememail at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 03:27:44 PST 2005

HI to all.,
// in Parser
tokenStream returns [String result = ""]
   (id:RET_ID)  {result = id.getText();}  // RET_ID see in Lexer below 
/* Q: here if i add (id:ID)+ to return more values. 
        Then I'm getting unexpected result */
// in Parser 
  (ID)+     // ID is an identifier
  (Whitespace)+   (LEX_ID)
Here in the parser I used to get only value of the token.
For eg: /* beginining comes some "Whitespace" */  
           HERE IS A TEST
The result : parser gets only one token ID (= HERE) and 
                 leaving other after a whitespace
Coments : The Whitespace rule in the LEX_ID is must
                 for my construct so i cannot delete it.
Please give me some tips to solve the problem ..

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