[antlr-interest] Can subrules be set to 'n-to-m'?

John D. Mitchell johnm-antlr at non.net
Sat Mar 26 10:14:25 PST 2005

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Stanchfield <scott at javadude.com> writes:

> Read *my* comments -- it would be _more_ consistent to make them
> optional, so they match how people use them in every regex language that
> people use...

You crack me up...

First, let's be clear that your argument is *against* consistency and for
adherence to the simplistifications of popularity.  [Try the dictionary for
more. :-)]

ANTLR is not some little hack tool.  Most people write regexps that are (1)
relatively short, (2) hard to read, and (3) hard to maintain.  ANTLR is
used to create complete grammars that can be 10s of thousands of lines
long.  True consistency and regularity make a huge difference in the
readability and maintainability by e.g., removing unnecessary variability.

Happy Easter,

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