[antlr-interest] Re: Java-lite install?

geronimo noreply at haefelinger.net
Thu May 5 01:06:13 PDT 2005


Evan Lavelle wrote:
> I don't use Java at all (and know nothing about it), and was hoping to 
> use ANTLR to generate C++ code, or at least code that I can link with 
> C++ using gcj/gcc.

There's no need to know Java except that you should be able to install a
JRE or JDK. Antlr 2.7.5 has been tested with javac, jikes and gcj.

> What I've done so far is to download the sources  [..]

Not necessary as there are binary distros for Windows, Linux, Cygwin. If
you are really unhappy with them, go ahead and build from scratch.

> and to compile them using Luca Di Gaspero's makefile, producing the 
 > 'cantlr' executable.

There's no particular need for this (and Luca's Makefile is not in sync
with 2.7.5 anyway).

Note that ANTLR's binary distro contains

  bin/antlr.bat (Windows)
  bin/antlr.sh  (Unix)

as a convinient way to run the ANTLR compiler. Again, Java is required 
to execute both scripts.

> BTW - I had a go at an RPM installation, but gave up following 
> dependency meltdown.

Which RPM are you using, what dependency meltdown do you mean. Which
Linux are you using???


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