[antlr-interest] Using ANTLR3 in an Eclipse Environment

Foolish Ewe foolishewe at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 6 09:09:32 PST 2006

Hi Ryan:

Sorry for the delay in replying. thanks for the info. Your description of 
how I plan
to use ANTLR seems right.

Informally, I'm writing a language which interfaces with "back end" that 
the actions written in the parsed langauge.

In our case, we want to make a java application that uses the ANTLR parser 
as a
"front end", i.e. to support a sort of scripting language interface.

So you are right, I want to use ANTLRworks to manage the front end (at least 
the short term), and have the generated Parser and Lexer java files import 
classes used in the backend, and invoke the backend stuff in grammar actions
or by walking the AST.

How do you access the ANTLR Jar without compiling ANTLR, do you use
the ANTLRworks Jar (which I presume has all relevant ANTLR classes embedded 
in it)?

I'm going to try ANTLR beta 1.08 today, I haven't had luck with package 
in the @header sections yet, maybe this will be the fix.


Bill M.

>From: Ryan Hollom <ryan.hollom at us.lawson.com>
>To: antlr-interest at antlr.org
>Subject: Re: [antlr-interest] Using ANTLR3 in an Eclipse Environment
>Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 13:06:57 -0600
>Could you describe what you're trying to accomplish with ANTLR and
>Eclipse?  Are you trying to generate a parser and use it within an Eclipse
>plugin, or something else?
>Assuming it is the former, you should not need to build ANTLR3 jars on
>your own.  Just include the relevant ANTLR jar files as runtime jar files
>in your Eclipse plugin (antlr-3.0b5.jar, et al) and you'll be able to
>write code that reference ANTLR classes (such as your generated parser).
>As for debugging, you can then attach the ANTLR source and Eclipse will do
>the rest.
>I don't know of any ANTLR v3 implementations currently available in
>Eclipse.  Personally, I still use ANTLRworks to write my grammar, and then
>switch over to eclipse to write my plugin that uses the generated parser.
>Hope this helps,
>"Foolish Ewe" <foolishewe at hotmail.com>
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>12/05/2006 09:30 AM
>antlr-interest at antlr.org
>[antlr-interest] Using ANTLR3 in an Eclipse Environment
>Hello All:
>I'm a beginner with eclipse, but have been doing some grammar
>using ANTLRworks (a very nice tool).  Now, I'm getting ready to use ANTLR
>with eclpse,
>and am wondering about what the best route to working with ANTLR3 with
>Eclipse (the
>preferred local development environment).
>1) Should I build my own ANTLR3 jars, and if so, how can I get good
>debugging information in them.
>2) Are there any good eclipse integrations of ANTLR3 currently available?
>3) Any hints on how to build ANTLR3 in eclipse?
>Bill M.
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